‍Moshe Kahn founded HASC, which stands for Hebrew Artists Social Community. Moshe Kahn, HASC’s founder wants this foundation to be a place where artists can meet for friendship and support. This is a place for artists to feel accepted and make new bonds with other artists through workshops, seminars, tours or anything else you’ll come up with that helps them learn more about their craft!

What is the origin of HASC?

Moshe Kahn started the HASC because he wanted to create a place where artists can socialize. He also wanted to help other artists learn more about their craft. Moshe Kahn HASC started this foundation in 2014 and has been running it since then. In 2016, Moshe held an art show at the museum of contemporary art in New York.

Why does Moshe Kahn want to start a foundation?

Moshe Kahn has started a HASC because he believes that not only does it help the artists, but it also helps the community. He hopes that this foundation will get people to see the importance of supporting local artists. HASC is not just about making art. It’s about connecting with other artists.

The HASC: A Place for Creativity

HASC is a place for artists to meet for friendship and support. Artists can also learn about their craft through workshops and seminars. Artists in the HASC are encouraged to be creative and create new things for other people to enjoy. Moshe Kahn has held art tours where he takes other artists on tours of different places to inspire them. There’s also a club that artists can join called the Hasc Arts Club, which gives members opportunities to organize social gatherings with other artists. The HASC is also a place where experienced painter Moshe Kahn can help provide artistic guidance for people who need it by teaching workshops and seminars.

The HASC: A Place for Friendship and Support

One of the main goals of HASC is to create a community that artists can interact with. Moshe says this will make it easier for them to find friends and mentors. It will also allow them to support one another in their artistry. There are also many ways that you can get involved with HASC. You can even become a volunteer. Another goal of the foundation is for artists to be able to share their work with others and see how other people interpret it. This way, they’ll have a better understanding of what their work means to others, which should lead to more creativity and inspiration. So if you’re an artist who’s looking for a place where they can connect with other artists, then the HASC is just the place you need!


The HASC is a place for artists to connect with one another and share their stories. The foundation wants to make sure creatives know that they are not alone.

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