Background Information

Moshe Kahn HASC‘s founder, is a painter from New York, who began painting at a very young age, and he continued to paint as he got older. He has been painting since the 1990s, and he has over 500 paintings in his collection.

Moshe Kahn founded the Hebrew Artists Social Community (HASC), which is a place for artists to feel accepted and make new connections with other artists. HASC conducts workshops, seminars and art tours where they take fellow artists out of their studios in order to give them some fresh inspiration from different places. He also helps create smaller events like parties or social gatherings where everyone can come together without ever having the pressure of creating a masterpiece on such occasions.

Here you will learn more about the style of Moshe Kahn.

His style is very colorful and vibrant

Moshe Kahn’s style is very colorful and vibrant, just like the rest of his paintings. Moshe likes to focus on the colors in his work, and they always come out bright and colorful. He also has two other styles that he paints in sometimes. His other two styles are more minimalistic and subtle. In one of his minimalistic works, he shows a window in a house that seems to be the view of the street below. These two styles are very different from each other, and they each have their own appeal. Moshe Kahn’s paintings are abstract and surrealist, but they still maintain an artistic value that is beautiful to look at. These distinctive qualities make Moshe Kahn HASC’s founder, is a unique artist who can easily stand out from the crowd.


Moshe Kahn, HASC’s founder, is an abstract painter with a unique style and unique take on color. Moshe Kahn has been painting since he was a young boy, and all his work is heavily influenced by his childhood. His paintings are colorful and vibrant, and they focus on the colors themselves. He also plays with different styles, mixing the more minimalistic style with the more colorful style. Moshe Kahn’s work is like a memory that you can look back on and reminisce on all the memories he has made. There is no denying that Moshe Kahn’s work is a masterpiece.

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