Who is Moshe Kahn?

Moshe Kahn is an abstract painter, born in New York City. Since the time he started painting at the age of 7, his skills only grew from there. After graduating from high school, Moshe attended The Art Students League of New York to learn more about art. In 2009 where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the City University of New York.

Moshe has received awards for his work over the years. Though he is a self-taught artist and does not enjoy being compared to anyone else, he considers himself one of the best abstract artists in the world. Moshe doesn’t care about fame or recognition as much as other people do. Instead, it is all about painting because he loves doing it!

HASC: The Foundation

The foundation that Moshe Kahn started is called HASC, which stands for Hebrew Artists Social Community. Moshe wants this foundation to be a place where artists can meet for friendship and support. This is a place for artists to feel accepted and to make new bonds with other artists. Moshe Kahn HASC conducts workshops and seminars to help other artists learn more about their craft. He also conducts art tours, where he takes other artists to different places for inspiration.

Moshe Kahn’s Art Style

Moshe Kahn’s style is very colorful and vibrant, just like the rest of his paintings. Moshe likes to focus on the colors in his work, and they always come out bright and colorful. He also has two other styles that he paints in sometimes. His other two styles are more minimalistic and subtle. In one of his minimalistic works, he shows a window in a house that seems to be the view of the street below. These two styles are very different from each other, and they each have their own appeal.

Awards and Honors

One of the awards that Moshe has received was the Best in Show award from the Art Dealers Association of America. He has also received the coveted “Emerging Artist” award from the New York City Mayor’s Awards for the Arts. Moshe also received the “Young Artist Award” from the New York City Mayor’s Awards for the Arts. He was also named the “New York City Artist of the Year” by the Art Dealers Association of America. Another one of Moshe’s awards is the “50 Best Contemporary Artists.” He is one of the most influential and talented artists in the world.

Where to Go to See Moshe Kahn’s Work

One of the best places to see Moshe’s work is at his foundation’s gallery. The gallery is located at 528 Broadway, in New York City. This is where the foundation has many of Moshe’s paintings on display. This is also where he conducts most of the seminars and workshops.


Moshe Kahn HASC is a very talented artist. He is one of the best abstract painters in NYC. Art is not just about how well you paint, but also about how well you frame your work. Moshe’s work is framed very well, and he definitely has a bright future.