Moshe Kahn is an abstract painter. His skills have grown to a professional level since he started painting at age 7. After graduating from Art Students League of New York High School, Moshe earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, also with honors, in the same city.

It comes as no surprise that he is often highly regarded by both professional and personal peers around him, as one of the most well-known abstract artists today with many awards to his credit. He founded HASC, an artist social community, where different types of artists can meet and share their experiences.

Originally an abstract painter, his style has evolved over time into more colorful one. Moshe Kahn is a self-taught artist. The reason he paints is because he loves it, and he doesn’t care what other people think.

In this interview, you will learn more about the immersive and breathtaking artwork of Moshe Kahn.

What inspired you to become an artist?

Moshe Kahn: Painting started as a way to express myself and communicate with others around me. It has since become a creative outlet for me, something which has helped me express myself through art. I grew up in a very artistic family. My mother was a pastry chef and my father was a portrait painter. As a child, I would spend hours in my parents’ studio sketching and painting. When I started high school, I decided to pursue a career in art and enrolled in the Art Students League of New York.

How did you choose a specific style for your paintings?

Moshe Kahn: After learning the fundamentals of painting, the style that I use most is called “opera-like,” which is represented by a series of basic shapes and textures. Over the years, I’ve added more complex, colorful elements to my works, including plants, flowers, and even animals.

What is the most important message or meaning in your art?

Moshe Kahn: In my work, I try to communicate my strong messages about life, love, and art through my paintings. In a way, my works are a reflection of my life and how I see things around me. My paintings often deal with human relationships, especially those between people and their animals. Because of this, certain elements in my art, such as the way animals communicate with each other, are also a reflection of our modern-day, technological, and scientific environment.

Which type of art you produce the most, and why?

Moshe Kahn: Over the years, I’ve developed a style that I call “opera-like,” which is represented by a series of basic shapes and textures. Over time, I’ve added more complex, colorful elements to my works, including plants, flowers, and even animals.

What is next for Moshe Kahn?

Moshe Kahn: In the coming months, I hope to begin a large-scale installation art project. The purpose of the project is to engage the viewer through my paintings so that they become part of the work and not just a visual reflection of it. If I am able to reach this stage in my artistic development, it would be huge for me. Because my works are generally small-scale, the total value of them is very low. Most importantly, I am working on my own terms and with what I love most – painting.


Moshe Kahn is a very talented artist. His abstract paintings are among the best in NYC.

“A work of art isn’t just about how well you paint, it’s also about how well it’s framed,” says Moshe, whose work is framed very well, and he definitely has a bright future.

Over the years, Moshe has received awards for his work. He considers himself one of the best abstract artists in the world, even though he is a self-taught artist. Moshe isn’t as concerned about fame or recognition as other people are. Instead, he enjoys painting so much!

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